We spent 14 days in Japan, few, very few, because to be able to visit the Japanese island in all its beauty you need a lot, much more time. In Japan we went with the girls from Mattarello (a) way to document their cultural exchange dinners based on sharing as a means of learning about dishes, traditions, local cultures, but above all people, the real protagonists of this journey. We left Fukuoka to visit Osaka, Kyoto and finally to Tokyo. The trip was exciting and surprising, despite the bad weather chosen. In fact, in summer temperatures and humidity are high. Despite this, I had the opportunity to visit one of the most fascinating countries in the world and to tell about it through my profession, the videomaker. In Japan it seems to live in a parallel reality rich in habits, values ​​and traditions completely different from the rest of the world. Until 1800, the island had not “opened” to contamination with the outside world and was able to develop and maintain its own strong identity that has characterized it to this day. Furthermore, the Japanese are very polite people with a strong sense of honor and duty. From city to city the traditions and the way of cooking the various dishes are different, even if the Japanese culture does not boast a vastness of dishes like our Italian cuisine. Above all, there are no real sweets, like in our country. I, not being a lover of sushi and raw food, cannot praise the various types of food and the many and fascinating techniques of realization, but I can tell you, from certain sources, that Japanese sushi is very good. On the other hand, I was fascinated by ramen: a dish similar to a broth with spaghetti alla chitarra and various ingredients. Yes, it is actually much more than that! For the Japanese, ramen is culture not only in the area of ​​production, but also in the family. Each family has their own broth and ingredients. Ramen, in my opinion, is a very good dish that contains within it a whole world. From the point of view of architecture and landscapes, Japan is enchanting. A fascinating and beautiful country that I suggest you visit at least once in your life and when you visit it, let yourself be lulled by its culture and by the kindness and care of its people.

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