Mattia Alberani

Mattia Alberani

In 2016 we traveled to Lisbon. Despite being a major European capital, we were surprised to find it incredibly livable, intimate, and endlessly hospitable. On this trip, we made a couple special stops to meet Chef Rubio and the team at Mani in Pasta.

Cinefood was selected to capture quotidien lunchtime exchanges that happen everyday in the Muraria District. 


On filming day, we were immediately struck by the open-air entertainment: children playing ball in the street, colorful laundry being hung outside of windows, and neighborly greetings everywhere we looked. The lunches that we filmed were designed to highlight the cuisine of Abruzzo, which highlights seafood, especially cod, or what the Portuguese call ‘bacalao’. Chef Rubio cooked pasta for the guests and we were all invited to dine together with a view of the sea. 


We loved our experience and cannot wait to return.

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